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A4 Questions

O.K. all you A4 owners 
I was at the dealership drooling yesterday 
and came up with 3 questions....

What types of bulbs are in the Lights (U.S)
3 bulbs 
look like H1 and H3?

Has anyone seen projector type, after mkt. lights for the A4
like the ones that have been shown on the  Audi A3,
and if so from whom?

The lights themselves had clips on the edges
and a plastic lense.... is the lense removable in the 
unlikly event of a crack?  ;-)

Is there an out side temperature display on the 
cars with trip computer but no cold weather package (1.8T)
the car I looked at had a sensor just in front of the radiator 
that appeared to be of the type my '89 Jetta uses to sense 
ambient outside temp. Or is the sensor for some other function

It looks as if the armrest for the 2.8 A4 
would fit  if the center console was replaced to
does anybody have any input about this.. or idea on cost

Beverly, Ma