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Fwd: 5KQ and 200Q transmissions

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Subj:    Re: 5KQ and 200Q transmissions
Date:    97-02-16 15:37:56 EST
From:    QSHIPQ
To:      75313.1445@compuserve.com

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<< I was wondering if anyone could confirm whether the transmissions are the
 for an 87 5KCSTQ and a 91 200TQ.  I was told that the one in the 200 was an
 tranny and I remember from the Bentleys that the 5K was an 016.  If this is
 true, does that mean they are 100% interchangable or is the gearing and/or
 housing different?  I want to know cause I have found a 200 for sale with a
 transmission prollem and the dealer has the old one out already.  I figgr if
 can get the one from my totaled 5K into his 200 I could buy it extra cheap
 he says).
 Any and all help would be appreciated. 
 Randy Paquette
 (currently Q-less)
Your problem is the torsen, not the trans....  The 200 5spd is mated to a
4.11 torsen, not the 3.89 in the 5ktq of 86-89..5 MC equipped cars...  So, if
you put the non torsen in the torsen car, you need to swap the rear diff as
well....  otherwise, you will go about 3 feet, and the car will move no
more...  The non torsen TO the torsen is not that hard, the other way around
requires some more pieces parts....  You need the whole awd switch gear out
of your 5k, and that's not a bolt in swap on the new dash cars....  plus the
plumbing to the switches, the switch gear itself...  Ad infinitum....  This
is not an easy swap here...  Better off finding another 200tq trans...