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you sed:
>There are others who believe that the 2079 extension is a torque 
>transferring device (why is it needed in that case?) (i.e. torque at the nut 
>equals torque indicated on the torque wrench, lengths of wrench and 
>extension are irrelevant).
>Members of that faction include the following:
>Greg Woodard
>Kirby A. Smith
>Bernie Strub

Ummm, that's not what I said.  What I meant for you to understand is that
when you put X torque onto the input of the 2079, the bolt will see Y
torque, _regardless_ of which torque wrench put it there.  X does not Equal
Y, but our uncaring bolt sees the same torque whether your wrench is 18"
long (and says X torque), or 36" long (and still says X torque).  Since the
length of the 2079 is fixed, and the torque input into it is fixed, the bolt
torque will be the same, kappiche?

BTW, I find this discussion much more enlightening than the mostly emotional
discussion about synthoils...   ;)
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