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Cars You Must Drive Before You Die

In message <970228235819_139598837@emout05.mail.aol.com> WARATAP@aol.com writes:

> That's the car they were talking about.  Never made it to the U.S. in that
> configuration, though.  I believe body style was essentially same from
>  82-89.  BTW, they printed photo with reflection in March issue in "arrest me
> red" (tornado red) with BBS wheels upside down!

1980-1991.  I don't know where "1989" comes from - that was the first year of 
20V production, not the last.
Most of the 20Vs I've seen have been dark.  I know the drivers of around 15 of 
these cars, and only a couple are red.  I believe, for the exceedingly wealthy 
among us, that there is still one example unsold.  Asking GBP40,000 - $64,000.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club