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Re: Speed

> 	I just sent my husband off on this beautiful, early for northern 
> Vermont, spring day in my Audi. I told him, "Don't drive fast if your're 
> in a hurry; only if you do it for fun."  He smiled.

... it just so happens I spent the majority of my Saturday in a "Driver's 
Improvement" class to mask a recent ticket ...

The class was taught by a CHP officer, and he said that he was much more 
likely to let someone off with a warning if they were "enjoying the day" 
rather than being stressed or in a hurry.  He said that once he let a guy 
off with a warning that he had clocked at 90MPH because the guy told him 
that he had just hit the point where the engine was completely broken in 
and that combined with the beautiful day made him a bit exhuberant.  

He also said that he lets people off with a warning on their birthday ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)