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4kcsq clutch acting up

In message <TCPSMTP.> frankbauer@scvgvine.com writes:

> >> In order to bleed the clutch completely you need a pressure bleeder.
> >> Bentley also confirms it.
> >It _can_ be done without, providing the master cylinder is properly adjusted
> >that the piston sweeps the whole cylinder right to the very end.
> i've done the MC/SC on my tqw using gravity.
> this after wasting gallons of brake fluid trying to get a $150
> pressure bleeder to do the job.

The problem I found is that the mounted cylinder is rotated 45 degrees
from the point at which the fill point would be on the top.  There is
thus an air space represented by a chord of the cylinder that will not
fill with fluid by gravity alone, or no matter how much fluid is pushed
through the system.  The only way to clear this air is to force the
piston down the entire length of the cylinder and push the air out
through the slave cylinder bleed screw.

I couldn't get mine to bleed properly until I noticed there was a small
amount of play before the piston actually moved when the pedal was
depressed.  The piston wasn't getting all the way to the end.  I took
this slack out and got a new burst of bubbles out of the bleed screw.

 Phil Payne

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