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Please, no more lights talk. Please?

	Scott--I fear the light thread will rise again like the 
the ol' pheonix.  Why not take a look at the lights?  I don't know 
whether the damn things are refracted, contracted, protracted, etc., but 
I do know I can see, and seeing in an Audi *is* a beautiful thing.

	Also, on your turbo talk.  I know on the '89 2knock car that I 
have, the turbo is just as you describe--almost no lag.  Perhaps the 
design is to make it feel like an Audi V8 [which what I assume you 
meant], I wish it was designed to feel like some other V8's I've had.  I 
don't pretend to know anything about turbo tech., but I have heard that 
kkk has a turbo either out, or coming out, that provides more thump than 
the RS2--and eliminates most of the lag that has always nagged the RS2 turbo.
True or not?  Frankly, I have only driven 1 Audi with the RS2 in it, and 
the lag was very pronounced.  So, I guess the question of the month is, 
how do you eliminate the turbo lag inherent in the RS2?