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Several points

	I would agree that dedicated high beams are the best[est] route 
to go--even over what I have now and love.  There are probably 2 sets 
that I would attach to my car, but, unless you have someone closer to the 
inside than I do, you will cry at the price--if $750USD for aeros make 
you wince.  Xenons are the only way up from here, unless you want some 
[almost] unusable spot beams used in Baja.  

	In response to my "question of the month" on new turbo 
technology:  Thanks, I think.  The part that bugs me a bit QSHIP is the 
>>>...if one makes claims, have some facts and knowledge to back them up...<<
part.  Is that gun aimed at me?  All this turbo-idiot asks is questions.  
I just report what I hear in my world to this world.  Nothing to sell, no 
axe to grind, no competitors for my dinner money, etc.  Race buddies like 
to stay in touch and talk--you should know that Q.  My buddies [none of 
whom own an Audi] talk about 10-20% hp gains that can be had from the 
intercooler on blown motors w/0 changing the IC.  They also talk about 
kkk turbos [for waaaay less than the 4k inferred from your post] that 
they THINK will overcome the inherent lag problem you get with an RS2 
turbo on our cars.  Obviously, I speak of the stock RS2 turbo, 'cause, of 
course, once an RS2 turbo is modified--it is no longer an RS2 turbo.  

	BTW, I come to this forum to have fun, not to challenge.  My 
challenges are elsewhere.  I just want an Audi that runs better than it 
did from the factory.  If I wanted a race car, er, I guess I would get it 
out of the garage.