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!%@$*&? New England Potholes

Well, my week old TSW Hock-R's (in Black!) have met with the
inevitable... yes, yes, yes, the notorious New England Potholes have
bent yet another inoocent, unexpecting rim. The funny thing is, I don't
even remember hitting anything that hard. Suppose that's what you get
when you use rubber bands for tires! ;^}
Anyway, do any of the local lister know of anywhere good to take rims to
be fixed? Also, is it  "bad" to drive on a bent rim? They don't seem to
be out of true, and there is no vibration, etc. The dent is on the
outter flange of the rim...

Also, the Coupe is going in for a full fluid flush (except for engine
which is quite content with Castrol Syntec) as well as new suspension
(Homer: woo hoo!) I have decided on Bilstein Sport Shocks and Intrax
progressive springs for about a 1-3/4" drop...
Question is, though, (and I hate to start another thread), but what are
the favorites for fluids? I was thinking of going with either REDLINE
MTL or 75W90 Gear Oil for the tranny and 75W90 for the Diff. Brake fluid
is tentatively ATE Dot4. Any suggestions? 

1990 Coupe Q 20V
TSW Hock-R's (black {and bruised}), MOMO Corse wheel/Sport knob, K&N
Cone, Scorpion Exhaust, Piper Cams, etc...