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Re: olvoV AWD

From: "Psychotic Don't-you-dare-tickle-me Elmo" <honge@creighton.edu>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 13:12:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: olvoV AWD

>Anybody see the article in the latest R&T on the new olvoV AWD cars?

>Setup as front-biased, at 95:5. Said to transfer to almost 50:50 in most
>slippery condition. Has locking differential at rear. Since it will be
>setup with *5-CYLINDER* turbo motor, some people will probably be tempted
>with the absence of S6. Not only that, Volvo (conversation topic: the
>pronounciation can loosely mean "crappy" in Japanese) promises the "R"
>version soon.

For those interested, here is an email I just received from Volvo--(yes,
I am tempted)...

>Dear Mr Lucas,
>Thanks for your second email.
>We manufacture the cars here in Europe, in Sweden, Holland and Belgium and
>the markets choose the models they are prepared to sell on their market. A
>final decision about the R AWD has not yet been made by the US market. Even
>if the US does not decide to sell the R AWD version it may be possible to
>purchase this through our Tourist and Diplomat program and have it shipped
>to the US. The V70R AWD will be available before the S70R AWD but as a final
>decision has not yet been made I do not have any dates. The production of
>the 1988 year model V70R AWD will start up after the vacation (July/August)
>this year.
>I hope the above responds to your questions. I have sent the brochure off to
>you today.

Brent Lucas