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RE: Exhaust for '84 Coupe GT

I installed a Scorpion system on my 87 4kq.  While it was certainly an 
expensive system it has the best sound I have ever heard on a non-turbo I5. 
 I owned 5 Audis and installed probably as many exhausts; Ansa, Monza etc. 
 None fit well and all the non-stainless type ended giving up the game 
within a relatively short amount of time.  There are other less expensive 
stainless steel exhausts out there, (check other threads) but I doubt they 
have the sound of the Scorpion.  Be forewarned, however, even the Scorpion 
requiring some tweeking to make it fit correctly.

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I am looking for an exhaust for my 1984 Coupe GT, preferably a Cat-back
system.  I saw the Scorpion exhaust, but they want $795.  A little
pricey.  Any thoughts, comments.

RL. Associates
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