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A4 poll - just a few days left!


The current poll a JET's A4 Pages will close on March 15th.  The topic
is: "Please indicate the ONE feature that would/has most influence(d)
you in chosing to purchase an Audi A4."

My intention in polling is to offer some feedback to Audi dealers,
owners, and potential owners about why people like the A4.  The topics
change on a monthly basis, with the polls running from the 16th of the
month to the 15th of the following month.

Thanks to all who have already cast their votes.  As many reasons as
there are to own an A4, I would ask you not to vote more than once!  If
you haven't voted, please take a few minutes and help build the polling

Thanks again for all of your support!

Jason Teller -- JET's A4 Pages -- http://www.denver.net/~jet/a4.html
'97 Cactus Green A4