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Re: Why?

I, too, have let up on playing around with other drivers, unless at great
distance when I hope the other fellow is hardly aware I'm around. What
caused this timidity - a freeway offramp, decreasing radius, wet pavement.

I had a BMW (to keep up the thread) on my tail and decided to play in
ideal conditions for a quattro. Last I saw of him he was experiencing
massive trailing throttle oversteer and barely managing to keep off the
barrier. I don't want such experiences on my conscience. God, it's a good
thing I didn't have a quattro back in my teenage British sports car times.

	- jon

On Fri, 21 Mar 1997, Alexei M Voloshin wrote:

> When you're talking BMW against Audi one the street it usually comes down 
> to best tires for the partucular road/speed, but more importantly the driver!
> My suggestion to you -> don't race BMW drivers... I once did - this fact 
> provoked him to drive stupidly, carelessly, and recklessly... passing on 
> shoulder.. etc... I backed off in about 30 sec... since he almost hit a 
> car. I will never do it again unless I know for sure that he knows how 
> to drive fast! 
> Hey, you know that you're a better driver in a better car! Why do you 
> have to prove it??
> Alex
> > 
> > Just a quick question, but why do nearly all BMW drivers think that their 
> > car will out handle and out pace anything else on the road?
> > I reckon another disgruntled BMW owner will be popping into his local Audi 
> > garage this morning saying "I want one of them quattro things" after 
> > being `twin quattro'd' last night ;-)
> > 
> > Poor chap. I wonder if he slept ok as he must of been very distraught 
> > after his severe ego bashing?
> > 
> > 
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