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Re: 200 turbo boost ??

> More questions from my accidental, but fortunate acquisition of an 89 200t 
> (2wd): (standard apologies for not acessing all of the archives first, I'm 
> scrounging through them...)
> Is there an acceptable range for turbo boost?  I don't see any reference to 
> this in either the Bentley manuals or the owner's manual.
> What is the wastegate set for?  
> Are these the same for all of these engines (this is an MC, single sensor)?

Most interesting question,Erik.My wifes 200 Turbo 2WD is showing .5 bar 
positive boost at tickover! Falling to .3 bar positive on a trailing throttle 

Something odd here,methinks! If I try to create maximum mid range boost by 
holding the car around 50 mph against the brakes with WOT,the overboost 
switch seems to cut in,and the ignition and / or fuel is cut,resulting in 
kangarooing.On a WOT ,not held against the brakes,the gauge shows 1.7 bar 
boost,and the overboost switch is not triggered.Given time I will connect up 
our accurate large scale boost gauge,and see what it is really giving.Mid 
range performance is very good for a production 2 and a bit litre car of this 
sort of weight,so I suspect the boost is at least equal to that which the 
manufacturers intended,whatever that level may turn out to be.

Is the wastegate adjustable?There is a paint sealed thin metal "plug" in the 
top cover of the wastegate,under which I suspect an adjustment screw is 
lurking.Anyone dug this out to see?

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson