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Re: 4-door M3 (was Re: BMW Bashing) -Reply

Mel, why don't you shut the hell up?

At 11:02 AM 3/26/97 -0500, Flexx944@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 97-03-26 02:14:07 EST, you write:
><< The driver is more often of Asian descent. This is in keeping with
> the vast quantities of Honda's etc with dress-up kits and motorsport
> stickers with not even a VTEC engine. To some I guess image is
> everything, performance is nothing.
>  >>
>To whoever cares,
>I found it interesting that many people on this list were incensed when I
>kiddingly harrased one of its members because of asking a question about the
>towing capacities of Audi's.  I received at least 20 angry responses.  After
>explaining that it was a joke many still found it neccessary to express their
>Yet a comment like the one above goes uncontested.  I found that
>enlightening.  This attitude should not be surprising.  It seems in this day
>and age "things'" seem to be more important than people.  I mean people don't
>like to have their cars vallet parked when they dine out, for fear their
>precious possesion might be damaged, meanwhile their children are left in the
>care of some Nanny(aka stranger).  I wonder how many people would lend their
>Audi, BMW, Benz etc. to the baby sitter,  yet they freely hand over what is
>supposed their most precious possesion. 
>Well I think I'll get off my soap box now.  Take it for what it's worth, or
>don't.  It's just my opinion.
>P.S. my brother-in-arms Sean(turbo2s) just asked me if he could hand over his
>exwife to one of these Nanny's( aka child molesters).  I say YES. Call it pay
>BTW before I offend anyone else, no I don't think all Nanny's are child
>molesters.  But I think thier is something wrong with a fifty year old guy
>called Janet that wants to babysit your child.