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Re: eurolites from RPI, lifter and clutch questions

> I think the lights at Ron's Parts are the same ones as were upgraded to
> on European Car magazine's Project 4kcsq.  So they are stock (U.S.
> spec)-looking, but with a better beam pattern.  Is that still a good
> deal?

If the Hellas are as good as the Boschs, **YES**.  The single-bulb H4
lights are FAR FAR SUPERIOR to the 9004 single-bulb lights.

I considered it a *safety* upgrade; driving with the DOT lights is
only a little better than driving with no lights.

> QUESTION I:  If my car has hydraulic lifters, do they not have any shims
> at all.  I thought for a long time that even hydraulic tappets had
> shims, but lately (after reading Project 4kcsq timing belt/H20
> pump/lifter article), I'm thinking you just oil 'em, drop 'em in,
> install the cam, and go.  Is that right?  I've got an '86 Coupe GT. 

Yes, that's right.  Hydraulic tappets are self-adjusting.  I did it
just like that a few thousand miles ago.

Are you replacing them along with the cam?

> Sorry, no engine codes or anything right now.

KX.  :-)
['86 Coupe GT]