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CQ Oil Probs


I too have a CQ that seems to consume quite a bit of oil (1qt per 1000 mi.).
Two things I believe I can tell you about your problem:

1)  You don't actually say where the oil showed on your dipstick originally.
You say it was "as low as I could or, for that matter, should be".  I
believe the span between the markings on the dipstick correspond to 1 qt. of
oil.  If you were below the bottom mark then you should have only added 1
qt.  My understanding of the oiling system is that the oil level in the pan
is below that of the bottom of the crank at its lowest point (listers
correct me if I have this wrong), by adding extra oil you effectively
drowned your crank.  The crank is supposed to have a film of oil not a bath.

2)  The oil weight you are using is not good for your CQ.  Again from what I
know about oils (synthetic or dino) is that to create multi grade oils
additives are placed into the light base (5, 10, 15 or 20) which allow the
oil to behave as a heavier weight (30, 40, or 50) when hot.  The greater the
difference between the two weights, the more additives necessary ( the less
additives the better).  Also even though 10W40 and 20W50 have the same span,
because the 20 is a heavier base one doesn't need as much additives.  The
oil you are using may not be as stable at higher stress as a heavier weight.
I us 20W50 (10W30 in the winter).

Good luck,

ps  I enjoy the chunky monkey but really delight in the rain forest crunch.

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