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Re: Trade-in Gamma for Delta? DID IT

Well I did it! 

Under warranty, I downgraded the Gamma on my 94 90csq for an older 
Delta, and noticed the following:

1)	The Delta works and there is no back order
2)	The Delta seems to have a lot less power
3)	Delta doesn't "cook" my tapes like the Gamma, (less power)
4)	FM reception seems better on the Delta
5)	The Delta doesn't have the "neat flashing red light"
6)	Color and illumination is same except for LEDs (light orange)

Lack of power is problematic so I'm shopping for another amp (I already 
have a 120W Rockford driving 100 hz and less to an 8" bazooka tube) but 
before I start I have the following two questions:

Are the rear/front speakers 4 ohm? Should I consider switching to 2 ohm?

Does the Delta have pre-amp phono-style plugs?

To pull head unit, did some posts past mention using a jig made from 
finishing nails? Does the finishing nail head or tip go into the unit?

Thanks in advance (I didn't mean to start another audio thread, but the 
archives are impossible to use, even with the "nifty" search engine)

94 90csq