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Re: DC Area Dealer Discount

>Give us the name of the parts or service guy so we know who knows who 
>we are (what a strange sentence).

Yeah I guess that would help.  I spoke with two individuals:
     Kevin (no last name but he is the parts manager)
     Dave (no last name)

Both seem real nice.  I went there twice yesterday cuz I lost one of
the injector seals so had to get another.  Anyway, Kevin helped me
the second time and was with some other parts guy.  The "other" guy
was new as Kevin was showing him how to use the fiche reader.  I am
mentioning this so that you don't get soured if you get the new guy.

When I told Kevin what I drive he got a big smile.  His ride is an
'87 5KCSTQ and from the way he lit up you could tell he is really into

Also I reiterated to him that q-list members are service and price
sensitive and that he should not expect a lot of orders.  Didn't phase
him at all.  Matter of fact he seemed to be eagerly awaiting the calls
so that he/his boss could re-evaluate.  Just my read on the deal.

Enough already on this from me.

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 218K Miles