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V-6 plug wires

Imparts advertises STI (Spark Transfer International, or something silly like that) brand 
plug wires as being better than OEM. Sounded good to me, and for ~$72, I couldn't resist. 
Well, they came in an STI box, but they are the OEM brand (Bremi, made in Germany).

I noticed two minor differences, no audi/OOOO printed anywhere, and the additional wire 
"sheath" for cylinders 3 and 6 (R&L closest to firewall) was loose (could slide up&down 
along wire, instead of being attached to the plug end) and too long (covers wire where it 
should "snap" into the wire "guides"). Naturally, the sheaths can be cut to fit, and 
"glued" to the plug end just like the originals were.

Other than these two things, the wires were indistinguishable from the originals. The 
closest price I had found otherwise was $135 from Blau (forgot if these were Bosch or 
Bremi or what).

'93 90q
Laurel, MD