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Re: P-car brakes on a non-P-car

	I guess "major re-manufacturing" is a relative term.  Since I 
used it first, guess I get to eat it:)  My point was, I have looked at 
the 911tt brakes, hard, and it is not a matter of simply taking off the 
old rotors and calipers and bolting on the new. Guess specificity was 
lacking in the bet---but I would not have lost, go look for yourself.


On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, todd candey wrote:

> Mann Law wrote:
> > 
> >         If I am reading correctly, Ross had the Porsche brakes on a 5k,
> > and Scott is putting them on an UrQ.  I *would have* bet several
> > Franklins on the fact that such brakes would not fit--at least not
> > without major re-manufacturing work.  Would I have lost the bet?
> > 
> >         Bruce
> In a word, yep.
> Todd Candey