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New fuel pump still loud

Hello in q-land,

       Well after shelling out $$ for a new fuel pump on the '87 
5kTq, the s.o.b. decides that it's still going to buzz loudly when 
it's warm outside-say 70 degrees or warmer. When it's cold out or 
anything less than 70 degrees, all is well.  What I'm wondering is 
why the pump continues to buzz loudly like it's going to fail any 
moment. Is there something in conjunction to the pump like the relief 
valve or ?  that should be replaced also? Driveability is fine and 
fuel tank level doesn't seem to make a difference on the noise.

 I'm hoping that some fine individual has run into this problem 
before after putting in a new fuel pump. What else should I change? 
I replaced the fuel filter about 10k mi ago so I doubt this item is 
bad/plugged. I just don't want everyone at the Stapleton event in a 
few weeks  to keep commenting on how I need a new fuel pump after the 
car gets hot. Thanks for any possible suggestions or cures. I'm 
willing to try anything. TIA,

 Chad Clark '87 5k Tq