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White House Audi

Hey y'all:

I was in Washington, D.C. for a school field trip Monday and happened to 
be at the White House.  Parked right next to the primary side entrance 
was an absolutely gorgeous black audi Q (VA plates) that (to my 
relatively inexperienced eyes) was unfamiliar.  Same body shape as my 5k, 
but inside was an interior in perfect condition, sumptious tan leather, 
wood paneling, real pretty audi wheels.  No ID on the car other than audi 
and quattro badges.  Car had approximately 76k miles on it.  I peered 
inside for a look but, given its priority parking space next to the guard 
station at the White House, and the suspicious looks I was receiving from 
the armed folks inside the station, I didn't linger too long.  Of all the 
sites and tourist-oriented attractions, this audi was pretty much the 
highlight (in all seriousness the Vietnam Veterans Memorial took top 
billing -- hadn't seen it previously and it was extremely moving, even to 
my second graders in tow).

Was this a V8?  Couldn't tell if it was a turbo.......This car looked 
pristine inside and out, and, judging from its parking space, probably 
belongs to a high-level executive (with great taste in autos).  
Definitely the nicest one I've seen in a long time.

My apologies in advance, since I'm sure this is the electronic equivalent 
of having to suffer through someone's vacation pix/narration (oh no, not 
the home movies again!!), but I'm dying to find out what this car 

87 5kcstq/140k+ miles