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White House Audi

 -=> Mark Trank illuminates us with <=-

 MT> leather,  wood paneling, real pretty audi wheels.  No ID on the car
 MT> other than audi  and quattro badges.  Car had approximately 76k miles

     Wasn't a V8, they don't have no "stinkin badges".

     Did it have wipers on the headlights?  Did the rear
     defroster spell out "Quattro"?  What did the rear
     tailights/reflectors look like?  With these tidbits
     should be able to get a pretty positive ID.

 MT> on it.  I peered  inside for a look but, given its priority parking
 MT> space next to the guard  station at the White House, and the suspicious
 MT> looks I was receiving from  the armed folks inside the station, I
 MT> didn't linger too long.  Of all the  sites and tourist-oriented

     I called the White House to find out if there was any more info
     on the car, the nice lady on the phone told me that if I donated
     $100.00 to the DNC I could sleep in the trunk while it was parked
     at the White House.


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