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CHEAP turbo power

For all you with 5000 turbos:
I have an 84 5kst. I'm really poor so I can't afford the crazy $$$$ 
modifications the rest of you guys can (I'm a starving college student). My car 
is really not modified in any way, but it does have quite a bit of extra power 
over stock and these do open up more possibilities with some. On the quad 
headlight set up, I removed the drivers side high beam and removed the curved 
snorkel going to the air cleaner box. In its place I put a straight length of 
pipe in that runs from the opening in the air cleaner to the opening where the 
headlight used to be. Better throttle response, reduced turbo lag, more power. 
It's noticable. The turbo and intake manifold run COLD. The car is still street 
legal because there are still high beams in the primary lights. In all, this mod 
was free. I rummaged through the parts bin at a local shop and the guy let me 
take the hose i used for free. Air filter seems ok. Does get afeected only in 
extremely heavy down pours, but not a prob with a K&N.
2.This was the more surprising one.The pipe that leads from the air filter boot 
to the turbo inlet elbow. Gets very hot because it's right next to the exhaust 
manifold and turbo. I insulated it with many layers of aluminum foil (it's got 
to be thick) to keep it cool. Surprisingly, it brought up my midrange. My 
midrange was got as it was, but in comparison to the top and low end, it was a 
little sluggish.Talk to all later.... Steve

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