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4KCSQ clutch

Hi everyone...I'm concerned that the clutch on my '86 4KCSQ may be dying.  My
mechanic has checked it twice and says it's ok, but I'm still concerned for the
following reasons:  (1) it doesn't engage until pedal is around 2 in. from the
end of its travel, (2) clutch effort is rather high, and (3) there is a
squeaking noise during clutch engagement/disengagement.  

Should I just go ahead and replace it now or wait and see what happens?  My
mechanic said it would cost around $700 (ouch), but I really don't want to be
marooned in rural Vermont (ok, so it's all rural!) with a smoked clutch.

TIA for your opinions...

Mike Nelson
'86 4KCSQ, 175K

'83 4K 4E