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Transmission noise in my 90V8

A few days ago I was searching for help with discovering the source of
and correctting a metallic buzzing noise which came from the
transmission when the car was cold.  A suggestion had been made that the
t-fluid pump might be starved of fluid by a clogged filter.  I brought
the car to a transmission shop and they dropped the transmission ($$$)
took it apart and informed me that the filter was plugged and the noise
was indeed the pump!  Evidently the clutches went bad and the coating on
the surface got into the fluid and clogged it.  New parts have been
difficult to find from ZF but the guy at the shop is supposed to be the
best at Euro-transmissions in the Twin Cities.  I hope he is I don't yet
know what the total expense will be but I was given an estimate of
2500.00 or more.  Boo Hiss.