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Audi - Mt. Washington Hillclimb - NEQ Corral

Hi All,

The deadline for registration for the Audi - Mt. Washington Hillclimb  -
NEQ Audi / Quattro Corral is rapidly approaching, JUNE 2 1997, please
send in your registrations as soon as possible.

Besides the "Special" Long Sleeve Tshirts the laminated ID card will
allow you admittance to the Corral without having to pay a gate fee for
you and your registered attendees. The Mt. Washington organizers have
requested that they have a list of all registered participants prior to
our arrival at the event. SO IF YOU DON'T REGISTER by June 2, 1997 there
will not be a space set aside for you at the Corral. 

The only exceptions will be allowed if the requesting partcipants
contacts either Paul Royal or myself prior to June 15th for our

Please send your registration to: Paul Royal, Apt. T-3, 71 High St.,
Exeter, NH 03833-2929 by June 2, 1997 and make your
checks payable to the "NEQ Audi Quattro Club USA" . 

For Registration Questions contact Paul Royal at ROYAL@idx.com Phone:
603-772-7356 evenings. For more NEQ
Corral event information contact the Club's web page at

The complete registration form can be found at

I hope to see you at Mt. Washington on June 27, 28 & 29th.

Bob W. B>}
NEQ http://www.netaxis.com/~zcritter/director.html