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Audi haters

In message <970529082651_-663794409@emout18.mail.aol.com> WARATAP@aol.com writes:

> Enough is enough.  I am not going to answer this nimrod after he's already
> bombarded us with 12+ of these inane messages.  Dan, could you please x-nay
> him from our list?  Thanks.

I counted 26.  Anonymous remailers are designed to provide a number of 
functions, but one of them is not mailbombing.  The operators of such remailers 
not only tend to resent this use of their (sometimes scarce) resources - they 
are also _experts_ at tracing back email with forged headers.
I suspect that something close to the Internet's equivalent of divine 
retribution has already reached our friend.  It would not surprise me to see 
some sort of note over the next day or two.

One wonders how the original hatred arose.  Did the yuppie owner of a brand new 
Z3 posing machine try and burn off a dilapidated 5000tq at the lights without 
noticing the diameter of the pipe sticking out of the back of it?
After spending the sort of silly money demanded for a Z3, I suppose one could 
come to hate a ten-year-old vehicle that left it covered in dust. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club