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Re: HELP....My 90'CQ leaking green stuff and the a/c compressor won't engage.......

The green stuff may be unrelated to the A/C problems. The hissing sound is
probably your anti-freeze overflowing out of the resivior. The service
station may have overfilled it or their may be another problem (water

The simple fact that you need to fill your A/C indicated their might be a
leak. And, if you do have a leak you are now out of Freon. Which would
indicate why your A/C compressor will not engage.

Did the shop who put the Freon in use a florescent die to trace a potential
leak? They should have it is the law! If they did....bring it back and they
will be easily able to find the leak using a black light.

Your A/C leak will most definitively be in one of two places: 1)
Compressor, or 2) Condenser. They typically go bad in Audis of this

Mike Benno

> From: Alvin - not required - <PRIMO_JR@msn.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: HELP....My 90'CQ leaking green stuff and the a/c compressor
won't engage.......
> Date: Thursday, May 29, 1997 5:48 PM
> Help.....my 1990 CQ has received a fresh charge of freon 2 weeks ago and
> been pumping out cold air since today.  Yesterday...Wednesday 5/28 while 
> picking up my mail at the POB I heard a very small hissssssssssssssss,
but saw 
> nothing leaking, yet. I continued to drive regularly the remainder of the
> with no visable problems, but still heard the hissssssss every time I
shut off 
> the car to go somewhere. The whole day the a/c was being used everything
> fine. Then, Thursday 5/29 I leave to help my friend find parts at the
> yard for HONDA parts ((( were the Audi gods upset???))) I returned to his

> house and noticed a small puddle of green stuff under the car- antifreeze

> (very dark btw as well) and after starting the car I tried to engage the
a/c - 
> fan kicks in , blower pushing air , but ABSOLUTELY no compressor action 
> .....tried 10,20,30 times no a.c compressor action - fuse is not burned
> what do I try next???????/Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only
> May the force be with us all and our Audis.   
> 		Sincerely Jedi Knight - Alvin Adelhoch 
> 		aka   : PRIMO_JR@msn.com