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Re:Window Problemos on 87'4kq

I just finished looking at the drivers door of our 865kcdt. Once you are
exploring the wiring make sure that none of the other wires are cracked or
bare. I had two wires in poor shape and they shorted after the window went
down putting stress on some wires that had somehow been left loose by a
previous owner.  When I pulled the bundle of wires that go into the door out
a little to look at them closely, I found a lot of cracks.  I soldered three
and taped the rest.  It turned out that one short had shorted out the relay
for for the front window allowing power to still flow for down mode but not
up.  Since yours works sometime, after you check out the wire, take a switch
you know that works and test it out. Maybe you just need to clean the
switch. If same problem then check out related relay(s). I had a friend who
helped me find relay problem, and he had a deft hand with a solder gun so he
fixed the relay for me.