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Re: Audi haters?Japan bashing

Hey now,
	A general and humble apology to all q-listers from one of the people 
who engaged in a little "fun" japan bashing.  I happen to work on  a few 
japanese cars for friends and must concur with the consensus that they 
are plain reliable and economical.  I must blame my evil twin brother 
who usually writes these notes to the q-list, i.e. that internet 
alter-ego we all have.
	I must sympathize with the large-body Audi owners as to their 
reliability and quirks.  I've seen my share of plain weirdness out of 
these cars in my shop, and am very thankful to have an expert Audi tech 
to sort it all out for my customers.  I have been very fortunate with my 
4kcsq '87, it has never left me stranded.
	One last comment, VW is not a bad way to go towards a compromise 
between german durability and japanese reliability.  My wife's vr6 is 
superb in both respects.
Later Corb