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Audi 60K maintenance

     Hi there,
     I just bought the '89 Audi-90 w/ 67K mi from a friend.  Just want to 
     know what does the "60K maintenance services" include?  And, How much 
     the average cost for this services?  Pls let me know.
     Many thanks,
     Note:  Anyway, I called an Audi's service center--Zumbach in NYC area 
     and they quoted me $550 for this 60K services (and the labor for 
     additional services--if needed, is $90/Hr).  Heck...I didn't know if 
     it gonna cost me this much.  Otherwise, I'd buy a Mercedes or BMW.  
     (In fact, I just recently replaced the "Lt-front signal case" and it 
     cost me $85...whewww, it's more expensive than the one for my old