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re: engine cleaning

Has the Audi factory used a variety of "waxy (?) coating" materials on the
engine exterior? On mine, there's hardened crud with a pale yellow color,
and it resists removal by typical engine degreasers--according to the
dealer who sold me my '89 100. He claims that sometimes (in Audis) he
encounters "yellowish crud" baked on the intake manifold, which he cannot
remove. I haven't tried yet. Any suggestions?

(hoping it gets cool enough today to use the AC on my '89 100) ;-)

>>In addition to WD-40 on components that need water shedding, consider
replacing the "waxy coating", as the Bentley manuals states.  On
aircraft we use a wax coating, LPS 3, as a final step to help slow down
corrosion.  It's available as an aerosol, especially from marine supply
houses.  Maybe other, Audi approved, wax coatings exist - anyone?

robert hardwick, seattle usa>>

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