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Re: What is it about the bomb?

Michael Benno wrote:

> Just what exactly is it about the bomb that goes bad? Is it a seal, a
> degradation in the structure? or What? At what point do they really
> go?
Mine died at 45,000 miles, bad valves.

> If it is the seals, can they be replaced?

No, when it's dead it's dead.

> I had my bomb tested two years ago for a small leak (which it had) and
> it
> has not failed. It still takes between 10 - 20 seconds for the brake
> light
> to go out when starting. I have never had a loss in pressure.
When the light go's out when the engine starts get out the bucks for a
new one.

> Mike Benno
> 90q20v (waiting to blow?)

John1990 QC (passing BMWs in the snow)