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Re: Proposed SCCA Solo II class... little Audi content

>Where does this put my A4 turbo? In Stock, I would run against V6
>camaros, probes and mx6s. All fast, have more hp and tighter

You're also up against the Ur-Q as well (although only the ones with 8x15s
have a chance in this class).  ;^)

>In street prep, all quattros are CSP, in with race-modified
>914s and Miatas. I think some qlister blew the classification with a
>killer coupe, making ALL quattros play with the big boys.

Actually, only THE Quattro & Coupe Quattro are in CSP; the 4kq is in DSP
("4000, 5cy.") and the V8, 200q and 5ktq are in ESP, where they compete
against Mustangs and Camaros.  If there has been a "killer coupe" run in
Solo II at the national level, I've never heard of or seen it and I've been
doing this since '89.

BTW, I haven't seen the new issue of Sportscar yet so I don't know anything
about the proposed rules but the first Audi that I think of for this class
would be the '81 4000 5+5.  With a bit of work, you can get 150+hp using
only external bolt-on mods and it should weigh under 2200 pounds in race
trim.  It also has a Type O16 gearbox, which means you can fit a Quaife LSD
to it as well...
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