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Re: 5000/100/200 Heater Control valves

> Date:          Mon, 16 Jun 97 16:01:01 PST
> From:          "CHRIS AHOLA" <aholact@songs.sce.com>
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       Re: 5000/100/200 Heater Control valves

>      Dave is right, Run fast!!  Two years ago on a hot California day 
>      with the AC on and the radio too loud my heater control value 
>      blew while doing 80 down the 405.  The cheap $35 plastic valve 
>      ended up costing me $2000 to have the head rebuilt because the 
>      engine over heated.  So everyone, go replace your heater control 
>      valve now!!!
>      Chris
>      '87 5KCSTQ

     And a few listers might remember Carl Jerritts "Beast"  blowing the heater control 
valve at Stapleton in'96 while coming down one of the straights. Lucky he didn't warp 
that head. He used a small socket in it's place to continue that afternoon. I replaced 
mine that next day!  Just Do It!
Chad Clark