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Re: '92 100S/CS & leaks & reports

I only noticed the puddle of oil on my garage floor was growing at a faster
rate. The actual location of the leak was deep in the engine, so I was not
able to find it myself. My engine also began to run a little rougher than
usual as the leak got worse. It is much smoother since the repair. If your
leak is from the same place as mine, it is under the mainifold in a V-shaped
groove between the two banks of cylinders. When the groove fills with oil, it
leaks down the back of the engine and onto the ground. My mechanic found a
way to get a flat dipstick into this V and find the oil. My mechanic had the
problem diagnosed in under two hours. But, if your engine is running
smoothly, and the leak is not getting any worse, I'd say leave it alone. 

On the subject of repair manuals, the Bentley variety are the only ones
available for our type of car. A set of three runs about $275. I am still
debating if I am going to shell out the $$$ for them.

The technical service bulletins can be found online at www.nhtsa.dot.gov.
There are quite a few for our model year.

Hope I was of some help.