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Re: poor dan the hitman

At 17:56 -0700 6/16/97, jstevens@kaiwan.com wrote:
>On Sun, 15 Jun 1997 postmaster@enddebt.com wrote:
>> take me off this list. I have sent in 28 emails over the last 7 days
>> to no avail.
>> please get me off now.
>> postmaster@thehitman.com
>> postmaster@enddebt.com
>> dan@thehitman.com
>> dan@enddebt.com
>> any and all of those addresses.
>> Dan
>Hmmmmm....I take one look at this guys various
>domains, and wonder...why would anyone want
>to $ubscribe a nice guy like dan to list.
>Hmmm...enddebt.com, thehitman.com.
>Has dan been sending spam?
Seem as nice guy dan has a couple of web sites at his "www." addresses
offering spam lists to others. His servers were slow, perhaps that spam
gums them up or something.


<going to buy and A4 30V this week to replace the 4000csq that the state of
california wrecked>