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Fw: Blow OFF!!!

Ross Esposito              rippmods@rapidramp.net               
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  Performance Spoken Fluently!!!

> From: Ross <rippmods@rapidramp.net>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Blow OFF!!!
> Date: Tuesday, June 17, 1997 12:26 AM
> Ross Esposito              rippmods@rapidramp.net             
> Wow,you guys really look into stuff!
> From my expeirence with the Blowoff valve,
> My car spools alot faster than not.
> Now, Dave Busher,who happens to have one 
> of the FASTEST Mitsu.cars on earth runs
> an open blow of valve and Vincent Ten,
> who was crowned THE FASTEST SUPRA IN
> THE WORLD by Turbo mag. 10.68-138.7 this past
 weekend,also uses an open blowoff valve....................
but your  right I guess we're all doing it wrong!
> Hey,Bob.......Hey Vinny,guess what, thiers a
> guy named Mike,and he did our homework,
> and guess what........................
> Ok now, Thanks to all 11 of you for the info on
> Center force.The reason I didn't go that way 
> myself is,I go to a yearly show called SEMA.
> All the major performance guys go to it.
> I spoke to the Center force guys and they said 
> they can't help me. but I'll they giving them a 
> call.
> I guess no one has the 4.11 diffs for a 5ktq huh?
> Man,oh man I think I wan't to try this EFI thing!
> Yes Gradon I agree and I even asked those Audi 
> 12sec guys about your set up they just looked at 
> each other then me!
> The Audi with the 2.8twin turbo I spoke about is 
in Readers rides in European Car Mag.