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Re: <ALL> R-134A

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, DeWitt Harrison wrote:

> >I've been thinking about using a compressor normally designed for R-134a 
> >on my wife's T-Bird, and charging the system with R-12 for a really coold 
> >A/C system.
> Graydon, you are _always_ thinkin'.
> DeWitt Harrison   de@aztek.com
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq

and occasionally, I actually _do_ something!  :-)

I talked to the A/C gurus here at work yesterday about 134/R12 
compatibilities.   I guess the PAG oil that we use in R134 systems is not 
compatible with R12.   It turns to gel on contact.   Apparently though, 
if you can get most of the offending ingredients out of the system, the 
small amount of gel will collect in the bottom of the reservoir, and it 
should not pose a problem.   For me, that means I'll have to purge the 
134 compressor of its lubricating oil before installation, and then I'll 
simply charge it all up with R12-compatible mineral oil, and R12.

Graydon D. Stuckey