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Re: Speeding ticket options

Hairy green toads from Mars made WARATAP@aol.com say:

> Hi all!
> I've got to contact the magistrate tomorrow for the speeding ticket I
> recieved on my way to Chicago a little over a week ago.  He lasered me at at
> night doing supposedly 83 in a 70 mph zone.  As you might recall, I was
> speaking to my friend in Chicago over my car phone (not what I usually do)
> when I recieved the ticket.  This was noted on the citation.  Officer was
> friendly and suggested I contact the magistrate.  My option would be:
> A) deny responsibility
> B) admit with explanation
> I just changed my wheels back to understated highway originals today and
> measured the diameter including tires and found the new ones which I got
> caught in (8x17 235/45) to be 25.25" whereas the stock ones (7.5x15 215/60)
> are 24.5"  I calculate this to be a 2-3 mph difference from the speedo read
> and probably not significant enough in itself, but something I would mention
> to the magistrate.
> Any suggestions?  I remember someone posting that they successfully faught
> laser a while back. The magistrate would be 1.5 hrs away.

I got this from somewhere a while ago:

  However, there are a number of points to use against a laser ticket.
  My research led to me joining the National Motorists Association
  (http://www.motorists.com) where they have numerous resources available
  to beat tickets.  I even spoke to the expert witness that was the person
  responsible for NJ tossing out laser guns.


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