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Help, please (electrical)

So I just dumped $3,500 into my wagon and I have even more problems.
Most of the work was mechanical (koni shocks, coolant resevoir/sensor,
power steering pump, ignition cables and cap, etc.).

I have the following problems:
1. Air conditioning doesn't work-I got the freon recharged and this
didn't fix it. Fan blows but no cold air.
2. Coolant warning light comes on. No apparent reason-just that it is
hot out. Have brand new coolant, new sensor, new resevoir. It's the
red dash light that indicates that you are either too hot or the
sensor is malfunctioning
3. Engine warning light. Whenever accelerating hard at high RPM and
high boost. Control code 2142 comes on when self-diagnosed. This code
means the knock sensor is faulty. Car has mild hesitation when floored.
4. AM radio doesn't work. FM isn't that great, either. CD is
wonderful. Rear right (amplified) speaker makes distorting/shorting
sound on hot days.
5. Rear washer/wiper haven't worked in two years
6. Interior dome light for front and rear work intermittently.
7. Idle speed is very low (less than 500 RPM)

I think there must be some electrical short in the system. Any ideas?
All fuses look ok.

Thanks for any advice. I'm am ready to throw up my hands and dump it
at Carlsen either to have the electrical looked at or to sell this
huge annoyance! (Of course, blue book values have plummeted it from
the $15K I spent to around $7500...)

200 '89 turboquattrowagon

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