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Re: '83 5000s turned Q

Hulda Jowett writes:
> > Bzzzt.  The Quantum Syncro is exactly the same as the 4000 quattro
> > mechanically, including both the front and rear suspensions.  Now,
> > the FWD Quantum is not the same as the FWD 4000 in the rear suspension,
> > though.
> Oh! I beg to differ, go lift a Quantums skirt... the Quantum is a Half B 
> Quattro chassis, and half A Syncro chassis. The rear suspension will bolt 
> right into my Corrado VR6.... now, I just need that damn tranny!


Are you ralking about the Quantum Symcro or a Quantum FWD?  Big
diffference between the two!  There are no all-wheel drive Corrados,
so how can a Quantum Syncro rear suspension bolt into a Corrado?
FYI, the rear suspension of the Quantum Syncro (and the 4000 quattro)
is simply the front suspension turned around 180 degrees, the same
subframe and all.  There is no subframe on the rear of the FWD cars,
Quantum or Corrado.

The Golf Syncro rear end, on the other hand, will bolt into your
Corrado.  It has been done by the factory and it's called the Rallye Golf
and it was in production in small numbers back in the late 80s.  There
were some individuals that had done the same conversion on their Corrados
and these were featured a few years ago in European Car.

Get your facts straight.  There are quite a few Quantum Syncro owners
on the list.  Let them tell you.

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