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Re: Speeding ticket options

> I've got to contact the magistrate tomorrow for the speeding ticket I
> recieved on my way to Chicago a little over a week ago.  He lasered me at at
> night doing supposedly 83 in a 70 mph zone.  As you might recall, I was
> speaking to my friend in Chicago over my car phone (not what I usually do)
> when I recieved the ticket.  This was noted on the citation.  Officer was
> friendly and suggested I contact the magistrate.  My option would be:
> Any suggestions?  I remember someone posting that they successfully faught
> laser a while back. The magistrate would be 1.5 hrs away.
Get thee to the NMA right away!

It is my understanding that LASER may not be approved as evidence in all 
states, and that if you are not careful when you try to fight a ticket 
with LASER used as evidence and lose, then your case can set precedent 
for others.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... preparing to fight a RADAR ticket ... what was that URL for the NMA?

	www.motorists.com ... it's on Dan's quattro page ...