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RE: Speeding ticket options

Big brother is obviously watching y'all closely.  That scares me worse
than someone on a cell phone!

Well, if there was an accident, at least they could call for help! ;)

Keep in mind, I don't use my phone often when driving, but it does
occasionaly happen, and people occasionaly have to get in touch with me.
 I just think I can concentrate more on the road than my conversation. 
Maybee I am the minority here though.  


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>"Hussey, Dan" writes:
>> What's the point of a carphone if you can't use it in the car??? 
>> Haven;t people heard of handsfree?  I use mine on the highway and so
>> does everyone else I know, so what's the big deal?
>Someone got into his car, started the engine and switched on the phone.
> The 
>phone logged into the network, the network had voicemail pending, and
>driver started listening to his voicemails as he drove away from the
>Hands-free, as I understand it.
>Killed a mother and two children.  Got five years for manslaughter.
>Now - if you're in a accident and you have a cellphone, the police ask
>service provider for your call logs.  If one of them is within a minute
>of a 
>good time they can establish for the accident - six months in the
>pokey.  If 
>they catch you using a phone in a moving vehicle - three points and
>$60.  If 
>you commit _another_ offence (speeding, careless driving, etc.) and
>they get a 
>phone log - three months.
>Next week (starting Tuesday - be warned) out local A14 will be videoed
>over two dozen bridges.  If you're in a car with a hands-free kit
>fitted - try 
>not to talk to yourself.
> Phil Payne
> phil@sievers.com
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