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A4 climate controls... + any manuals?


First time caller, long time watcher (digest version)...

Has anyone had problems with their climate controls in the A4?

Specifically, there's up to a 10 minute lag between when I start the 
car and the AC compressor kicks in.  Sometimes there's no lag at all, 
and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to the delays.  This has 
happened in Phoenix 110F degree weather with the temperature controls 
set to 78.  Even when I attempt to press the little snowflake icon 
button to force the compressor to kick on, it won't kick in.  TIA for 
any input.

Also, how long does it take before Bentley puts out a manual for the 
A4? What does the dealer's service department use (I imagine it's a 
bit more detailed than a Bentley manual), and is it available to 
little people like us???

---John Pal