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4kq Being Parted Out in NW: Contact Ph #...

I am sure all of you have seen the postings that I've made regarding my '86
4000 Quattro that was totalled not too long ago.  Some of you have replied
with interest and I've written back with all the details I had, and asked you
to hang on until I worked all the details with the Insurance Co out.  Well, I
bought the car back from the insurance company, so I will be parting it out.
 I will be moving during this week, so it is probably best to call me at
(509) 229-3655 after next Monday (June 23) to get in contact with me.  I will
be cancelling my AOL account when I move, so I will only be at this adress
for the next couple of days.  However, I will be able to recieve e mail at
"DLMiller@Inlandnet.com"  so write me at this adress if you need any
questions answered and don't want to call.  I don't think I'll subscribe to
the mailing list at this adress, so you will have to mail me directly.
 Thanks for your patience and I hope I will be able to provide all of you
with parts that you need.

Cameron Miller
(509) 229-3655