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Re: '83 5000s turned Q

Hulda Jowett writes:
> Will somone with a Quantum Syncro please chime in on this? The 4kq uses a 
> reversed version of the front suspension in back. The Quatum SYNCRO uses 
> VW's syncro rear trailing arm supension/subframe, the diffs in the two 
> sytems are quite simlilar. The Quantum Syncro does not have VW syncro 
> viscous coupling diff. it uses the built into the tranny Audi Q system.

Looks like I may be mistaken about the 4000 quattro rear suspension being
the same as the Quantum Syncro's.  However, I'm still doubtful that the
Quantum's rear suepension will just bolt up to your Corrado.

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