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Re: Found LARGE vacuum leak/no fuel without throttle

At 03:53 AM 6/16/97 UT, you wrote:
>I found the plastic fitting that goes into the rubber intake horn (where the 
>charcoal cannister shut off valve is tied in) was brittle and broke right off! 
>Large vacuum leak I guess,
>Unfortunately the horn cracked at the fitting when tring to remove the broken 
>rubber part.  The horn was not very flexible anymore...
>Does anyone know of a good source for a new horn and what the plastic bit is 
>called? Prices?  Hey Avi and parts fliche guys what is the numer for the 
>plastic bit I need?
>5000CD Quattro desparate to get ready for June 26th to get to Mt Washington...

Back side by fender, on side - comes from underneath? 90 degree fitting
about 1" across?  It's for the decel valve. I've got the number out in the
car. Will post in AM... If its anything else, let me know - I have the hard
copy fiche out in the car.

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